SU-120LINK-10 Retail Sunglass Display By RICH LTDSU-120LINK-10 Retail Sunglass Display By RICH LTD

SU-120LINK-10 Retail Sunglass Display

Price: $339.95

Our SU-120LINK-10 spinning sunglass rack holder is one of our top sellers in our signature LINK SERIES line of retail sunglass fixtures. Unique among eyewear displays, the SU-120LINK-10 holds 120 glasses, features a shiny silver frame, anodized aluminum panels, chrome nosepieces, clear PVC panel eyewear management system, 1 glass mirror, a crown with interchangeable header graphics, and an MDF base with a cherry finish.
Dimensions Footprint: 22” Height: 72”


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