SU-MPM-XP Spinning Sunglass Display By RICH LTDSU-MPM-XP Spinning Sunglass Display By RICH LTD

SU-MPM-XP Retail Sunglass Display

Price: $284.95

Our 3-sided spinning sunglass display holds 120 glasses and features a silver frame, MDF base and top with a cherry wood finish, clear PVC panel eyewear management system, and 3 acrylic mirrors. This sunglass display rack knocks down, is cost-effective for shipping, and is easy to assemble. Sunglass displays work particularly well in convenience stores, dollar stores, grocery stores, gift shops, souvenir shops, airport stores, and specialty stores. Get more custom retail display options from Rich LTD. Dimensions Footprint: 20” Height: 73”


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